A few random notes

There are just a few things we want to share this week:

1) If you haven’t signed up for our mailing list on the V.Next website, please do. We’re releasing music samples, art samples, screenshots, and more info about the game every Monday, but only to the subscribers on our mailing list. If you want to be in-the-know early, please sign up.

2) There’s a great article on PocketGamer.biz about the “Netflixificaation” of games, that is, ad-free and microtransaction-free high quality gaming delivered on a subscription basis. Our first game won’t be a subscription per-se, but once we have several games available, we’re considering this path if it’s something customers might like.

3) We have some more interviews and podcasts coming up, and there’s a gameplay video in the works, but we’ll get firm announcements about those as they get closer to release.

4) We’re looking for a software developer, preferably in the Seattle Area, but remote is fine. We’ll have an updated job posting on our website shortly, but if you’re interested in games development and have shipped at least one title or customer-facing software product, please send your resume to careers@syncbuildrun.com.

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