One Week Down

First of all, let me thank everyone who congratulated us on starting out! The outpouring of enthusiasm, encouragement, and “Of course, episodic games, that sounds awesome!” was just overwhelming.  We’re also happy to have a slew of new Twitter followers, so that’s great too. If you haven’t added @SyncBuildRun to your Twitter follow list, go ahead and do so now. We’ll be announcing updates through Twitter first.

Our first week was filled with the usual startup business formalities. Speaking with our attorney, accountants, filing business license applications, ensuring that our email and calendars were working correctly, getting the blogs set up, getting the development environment set up, ordering business cards, and of course meeting with our advisors and friends.  With most of that out of the way (only a few small bits of administrative minutia remain for next week), we’re excited to get going on building our first game.

We don’t want to reveal too much to start off, except that the first title will be in the science-fiction genre, and we’re already in talks with some ground breaking artists and musicians to help set the mood for the game.  By mid-October, we would love to be participating in Twitter’s #screenshotsaturday feed, and we’ll get some audio samples up as soon as that is appropriate as well.

So far, we’re off to an amazing start, and we’ll keep all our fans posted on what’s next as soon as we can!  Thanks for reading!

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